Taking Steps in the Path of Peace

The Taking Steps project was born out of a need to spread the Parents Circle's message of reconciliation.

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The first product to come out of this joint endeavor of our Women's Group is the 'Bird of Peace' which was hand embroidered onto sports shoes and became an iconic symbol of reconciliation for the Parents Circle. Women, both locally and
internationally, including celebrities like Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep, Tina Brown,
Barbra Streisand, and Cate Blanchett have already bought the shoes and donated to the project. The second product comes in the form of a patch and laces in which people can adapt their existing sports shoes into the Taking Steps product


If I
Who lost
a Loved One,
Can Walk the
Path of Peace
Then Surely,
You can too

About the Parents Circle – Families Forum

The Parents Circle Families Forum is a joint Israeli-Palestinian organization made up of more than 600 bereaved families. Our common bond is that we have lost a close family member to the conflict. But instead of choosing revenge, we have chosen a path of reconciliation.

We have joined together to take Palestinians and Israelis on our personal journeys of reconciliation through educational and public awareness activities. Out of these interactions, comes change. Not the kind of change that makes headlines, but a more personal and profound shift in perspective.

For many, it is the first time they have seen “the other side” as human. The Parents Circle hopes for the day that political leaders reach an agreement for peace. We believe that reconciliation between the Israeli and Palestinian people is essential to ensuring that peace is sustainable.


The Parallel Narrative Project
This program explores the national and individual narrative of the “other” among Israeli and Palestinian change agents, such as journalists, public figures, social workers, educators, artists and civil society leaders.

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Blood relations
Could you hurt someone who has your blood running through their veins?
After sixty years of blood loss, it's time to give blood. Israel and Palestine blood banks will exchange blood donations, thus forging blood relationships between future recipients.

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Women’s Group
Makes women's voices heard in our programs and in their communities. 

Provides opportunities for women to serve as leaders and partners in the

reconciliation process.
We don't want you here
It is time for us to get up and say: We don't want you here!
The bereaved Parents Families Forum doesn't want new members, and uses this sentence, even if it hurts, in this clip, with over 600,000 views.

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Youth Program
A unique program that brings Israeli and Palestinian youth together (ages 14-18)

for dialogues, narrative exchanges, trust building, and an opportunity to meet

people of the same ages from the other side.

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Monument to the Future Victims
An installation that would mirror the future price of the conflict: a concrete square with peep-holes that overlook a single tombstone with the writing: "We don't want you here". The inside of the installation was covered with mirrors, giving the effect of an endless graveyard.

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